Father & Son Who Were Missing For 61 Days Return Home To Stepanakert After Being Rescued From Occupied Artsakh.

Today, as a result of search and rescue operations, two citizens, father and son Mikael and Gegham Petrosyan were rescued from Occupied Artsakh. They were accompanied by Russian peacekeepers and the International Committee of the Red Cross, as they arrived home to Stepanakert, per Artsakh’s State Emergency Service.

The director of the State Emergency Service, Major-General Karen Sargsyan, and Major-General Ashot Balasanyan of the Defense Army met them and escorted them to the Republican Medical Center, where the Petrosyans will receive appropriate medical care.

Karen Sargsyan thanked the Russian troops on a peacekeeping mission in Artsakh, led by Lieutenant General Rustam Muradov, Major General Ashot Balasanyan of the Defense Army, and the search team.

Director of the Emergency Situations Service Karen Sargsyan noted that all possible efforts are being made and levers being used to find the missing servicemen and citizens.

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