Armenia to Spend $328,000 To Renovate Educational & Cultural Institutions

The Armenian government will allocate 171.6 million drams ($328,000) to improve building conditions at several educational and cultural institutions, reports Hetq.

Major renovation work will be carried with savings of the 2020 state budget of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports.

The funds will pay for the renovation of the dance hall of the Yerevan State College of Dance and to draft renovation proposals for the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute.

Money will be allocated to draft plans to reconstruct five underground vaults and several corridors at the Mesrop Mashtots Ancient Manuscripts Research Institute (Matenadaran) threatened by humidity damage due to nearby groundwater.

Renovation of the external heating system of the National Center for Chamber Music, renovation of Yerevan High School No. 195, as well as examination of design and estimate documents for the restoration/reconstruction of a number of monuments are envisaged.

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