The Mayors Of Hadrut’s Khtsaberd & Hin Tagher Say 10 Armenians Taken Prisoner, 8 Injured By Azerbaijan On December 12.

The mayors of Hadrut’s Hin Tagher & Khtsaberd inform that 10 Armenians were taken prisoner, 8 were injured by Azerbaijan during the attacks on the villages on December 12, reports Azatutyun.

Edik Ayvazyan, the mayor of the Hin Tagher village said that 8 people were wounded in the village on Saturday after the battles. “10 people were missing, then it turned out that they were with the Turks. “According to my information, the Russians asked the Turks, they said we did not take anyone, but the boys saw that they had taken 10 people captive.”

In both villages, Russian peacekeepers are currently negotiating with the Azerbaijani side. Alexander Avanesyan, the mayor of Khtsaberd village, said that the Azeris had left the village, but had not yet left the adjacent positions.

Adding that the two villages are under the control of Azerbaijan and that the Azerbaijani side also has victims and wounded.

Azerbaijan continues its provocative actions in the direction of Shushi’s Mets Shen & Hin Shen settlements.

Photo by Armen Mkryan/CivilNet

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