President Sarkissian Says Armenia Aims To Increase The Share Of Solar Energy By 15% & Green Energy By 54% By 2030.

Today, President Armen Sarkissian  delivered a video message at the Climate Ambition Summit.

As Zartonk Media was informed from press service of the President of the Republic of Armenia, the statement runs as follows:

“The virtual summit was initiated by the United Nations, the United Kingdom and France in cooperation with Italy and Chile. The summit brings together heads of state, business and civil society leaders who are ready to take on new commitments in the fight against climate change and in the implementation of the Paris Agreement.

In his speech, President Armen Sargsyan proposed an innovative approach to the Debt for Climate Resolution, aimed at developed and developing countries with financial problems as a result of climate change.

The idea is to get countries out of debt by making countries greener. “With this idea, which can change the level of their effectiveness in the fight against climate change in different countries, it is proposed to provide additional financial flows for that fight,” said President Sargsyan . timely and effective fulfillment of national obligations.”

In particular, President Sargsyan noted that in this challenging period for Armenia, setting more ambitious climate goals is an opportunity to rethink the entire economic and national development model and accelerate action toward a more sustainable, low-carbon economy. He stressed that Armenia’s vision is based on the ecosystem approach, large-scale afforestation, investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency. “By 2030, we aim to increase the share of solar energy in the structure of electricity production by up to 15%, and green energy by up to 54%,” said President Armen Sargsyan.

The Climate Ambition Summit also featured speeches by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, French President Emmanuel Macron, Chilean President Sebastian Pinheira, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and other heads of state and government.”

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