President Sarkissian: The Armenian Government Must Resign, I Do Not See Anything Extraordinary In That.

I thought that the Government would be the first to respond to the President’s proposal, that is, it would resign. Armenian President Armen Sargsyan stated this today, December 11, in a conversation with CivilNet, reports

In the interview, the President spoke about the options for resolving war, peace and the internal political crisis.

“If you have a crisis, if you have lost a war, economic or military, you have to start again. Otherwise, defeat becomes commonplace, that is, you continue to live by the logic of the loser’s psychology. Too often, if people fail, they try to close the page and start over. My proposal is logical, it is in the logic of an ordinary state democratic state, it is not personified at all. It is about our country and the crisis situation we have.

The solution consists of five simple points. The first is to acknowledge that you have a crisis, and therefore the government must resign. To be honest, I do not see anything unusual in this step.

I thought that the government would be the first to respond to the president’s proposal and start doing what I proposed, that is, a resignation, a government of temporary or national accord, which is difficult to form, because then not only the government or the ruling power must agree, but also the opposition.

But in this case, the opposition is one place and the government is another. Today we have a society, most of which is silent, does not raise its voice, we do not have 2-3 hundred thousand demonstrations.

You do not need 2-3 hundred thousand people to take to the streets to have a crisis, you just have to see that there is a crisis. Therefore, the first step is the resignation of the government, and then to form a government.”

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