Pentagon Admits That Congress Has Effectively Blocked U.S. Military Sales To The Republic Of Turkey.

Pentagon admits Congress has blocked U.S. arms sales to Turkey, reports the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA).

During a State/Defense briefing on FY20 arms transfer figures, Assistant Secretary of Defense R. Clarke Cooper – when pressed publicly about Congressional opposition to U.S. arms sales to Turkey – reluctantly (haltingly) admitted (see exchange below) that senior U.S. legislators have effectively blocked military sales to Ankara.

QUESTION: Thanks. Can you say whether or not there’s effectively no arms — Turkish arms — arms sales to Turkey have been kind of effectively blocked, for the time being?

ASSISTANT SECRETARY OF DEFENSE R. CLARK COOPER: There are — I mean, there’s — in the — in the public space, I mean, there are — there are holds on — on Turkish sales on the congressional side, yes.

Photo by Associated Press

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