Turkish Channel Says Armenia Must Pay $50 Billion To Azerbaijan As Compensation Or Surrender Its Southern Region.

Yesterday, Turkey’s TGRT Haber (TGRT News) showcased a map of Armenia & Azerbaijan with a large part of the territory of Armenia as Azerbaijan. The map included the headline: “Armenia has no money. Let it give Zangezur.”

The TV host claims that Azerbaijan is demanding $50 billion in damages for the Armenians living in Artsakh.

He asks, “Who’s going to pay?…Not even Kim Kardashian can pay that. The reporter continues saying that a since Armenia has no money, they can just give up Zangezur instead as a form of compensation.

While only a report, it is no secret that Turkey and Azerbaijan are attempting to realize their Pan-Turkic goals in creating a Turkic confederation. Artsakh for them is only the first step. Today reports emerged that Azerbaijan is starting to inch towards Armenia proper attempting to seize as much land as possible. The region of Syunik could be the next target for the joint Turk-Azeri manifest destiny.

Zangezur Mountains is the mountain range that defines the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan’s Nakhchivan.

“Turkish TGRT News TV channel has reported that Armenia must pay a $50 billion compensation to Azerbaijan, if not, then Syunik (Zangezur), must be annexed to Azerbaijan, said Yeghia Tashjian, a regional analyst and researcher on Twitter.

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