The Mayors & Town Councils Of Syunik’s Five Largest Cities Call For PM Nikol Pashinyan’s Resignation.

The mayors and town councils of Syuniks five largest cities (Kajaran, Kapan, Goris, Meghri, Sisian) call for Nikol Pashinyan’s resignation.

The Syunik region’s community leaders and town councils have collectively called for the resignation of the prime minister and the government. The town councils issued a joint-statement that reads as follows:

“Dear compatriots,

Armenia and Artsakh are facing a catastrophe, the country is on the verge of disaster, Syunik is endangered. From the first days of the war, Syunik fought together in a dignified manner both on the front and in the rear. Today, all these communities are solving serious problems, about which there will still be opportunities to talk. In these crucial days for Syunik, many questions remain unanswered and unresolved. A number of issues related to the border are debatable, at this crucial stage for the salvation of Syunik, when crucial decisions must be made, the communities continue to be the main players in ensuring security. We have lost a significant part of Artsakh, we have thousands of victims, missing people, many economic and humanitarian problems, the burden of which remains on the shoulders of the communities, it is carried out with honor. In the context of all this, even the seemingly smallest issues are not resolved at the state level, as the entire system of government is idle these days. The enemy has reached the gates of Syunik. At this moment, our main task is to protect Syunik, to ensure the security of the population. Every minute is precious, it can have irreversible consequences. In the current situation, we are becoming more and more convinced that it is impossible to neutralize the catastrophe threatening us with this government, so we demand the resignation of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and the government. This is not a problem of political speculations, but the issue of saving the homeland, ensuring the security of the population of Syunik. We understand that tomorrow may be too late, so at this stage we need dedicated forces, which must work for the salvation of Syunik, with the logic of getting the country out of a catastrophic situation. Thus, we must all stand up and say no to this destructive situation.”

The head of Kapan community, Gorg Parsyan,

Members of Kapan community council:

Antonyan Aren

Vache Asryan

Danielyan Vahe

Davtyan Shant

Harutyunyan Kamo

Karen Martirosyan

Napoleon Mesropian

Jan Movsisyan

Vardan Gorgyan

Grigoryan Vilen

Manas Karapetyan

Ivan Kostandyan

Ara Mkrtchyan.

The head of Goris community, Arush Arushanyan,

Members of Goris community council:

Ararat Aghabekyan, Erik Aghajanyan, Mher Arzumanyan, Garik Gorgyan, David Dolunts, Karen Lazaryan, Gurgen Hakobyan, Samvel Makunts, Masis Jondyan, Armen Mkrtchyan, Voskan Voskanyan, Narek Ordyan, Grigor Karapetyan.

Head of Sisian community

Arthur Sargsyan,

Members of Sisian community council:

Martin Harutyunyan, Arman Harutyunyan, Bagratuni Stepanyan, Harutyun Hayrapetyan, Edgar Hovhannisyan, Hayk Arakelyan, Vladimir Poghosyan, Gorg Gorgyan.

Kajaran community head Manvel Paramazyan,

Members of Kajaran community council:

Armen Andreasyan

Karen Hambardzumyan

Sasun Arakelyan

Meruzhan Atayan

Erik Saghatelyan

Garik Israelyan

Derenik Stepanyan

Armen Hakobyan

Karine Makiyan

Marina Gorgyan.

The head of Meghri community, Mkhitar Zakaryan

Members of Meghri community council:

Adamyan Ashot Armo

Adamyan Karen Sergey

Adamyan Harutyun Lernik

Gevorgyan Gagik Rubik

Gevorgyan Khachatur Davit

Zakaryan Hrayr Sasuni

Garegin Serob Hakobyan

Suren Volodya Hayrapetyan

Hovhannisyan Harut Grisha

Martirosyan Constant Constantine

Mikaelyan Samvel Sanasar

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