The Bright Armenia Party Names MP Edmon Marukyan As Candidate For Prime Minister.

Today, Bright Armenia Party MP Edmon Marukyan was named his parties candidate for Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia, said Gevorg Gorgisyan, the Secretary of the “Bright Armenia” Party in a Facebook post.

His post reads as follows:

Dear compatriots,

I would like to inform you that yesterday, late in the evening, we met with the chairman of the “Bright Armenia” party Edmon Marukyan, the representative of the “Armenian Revolutionary Federation” party Ishkhan Saghatelyan. Mr. Saghatelyan informed that he was authorized to inform us on behalf of 16 parties about their decision to nominate Vazgen Manukyan as the candidate for the post of Prime Minister of the 16 forces, at the same time asking to express our position in that regard.

During the meeting, both sides recorded our positions that we have a common approach to the issue of the resignation of incumbent Prime Minister Pashinyan.

During the discussion, we asked questions about the programs of the joint candidate of 16 forces, the guarantees of the organization of future extraordinary transparent and fair elections. The answers to many questions have remained uncertain for us.

We have informed Ishkhan Saghatelyan that we respect their right to have a candidate for Prime Minister, but we believe that in this situation a person who has not burned bridges with any of the parties, who has a specific political team is able to take responsibility for it.

We informed Ishkhan Saghatelyan that according to the decision of the governing council of the “Bright Armenia” party, the party participated in the elections with its candidate for prime minister, who is Edmon Marukyan, who heads the proportional list.

There can be no situation where the “Bright Armenia” party implements the decisions made by other political units.

According to that, the candidate for the Prime Minister of the “Bright Armenia” party is Edmon Marukyan. According to the current decision, in case the post of Prime Minister remains vacant, the faction will nominate Edmon Marukyan.

We asked Ishkhan Saghatelyan to inform the 16 forces about our position.

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