“My Step” Faction MP Argishti Mekhakyan Has Resigned From Parliament, Will Be Appointed Deputy Governor Of Armavir.

“My Step” Faction Member of Parliament Argishti Mekhakyan has resigned from parliament, he informed in a Facebook post, adding that he will be appointed Deputy Governor of Armavir.

His post reads as follows:

“Dear compatriots, I consider what happened to Artsakh to be, first of all, my personal and family tragedy.  Like any Armenian, I can not accept this reality.  Therefore, I think that in order to get the country out of this crisis as soon as possible, more than ever, each of us must work hard to do the work where the use of its resources will be the maximum.  Due to the current situation, I consider the resource of my parliamentary mandate insufficient to solve the challenges, I have made a decision to resign.  However, I want to assure you that, as before, from now on all my efforts and steps will be directed to the benefit of our homeland, our people, regardless of the field in which I will operate, where I deem it expedient.

In order to face the challenges to overcome them in this difficult period, we need, more than ever, exceptional unity, care for each other.

I would like to add that I will continue my work activity in my native region, Armavir, as a deputy governor.”

Argishti Mekhakyan is the son of Artsakh commander Mekhak Mekhakyan who died fighting in Talish in 1994.

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