Armenian Government Lifts Some Restrictions Of Martial Law, Removing The Ban On Rallies, Restrictions On Media Publications.

Armenia’s government lifted on Wednesday some restrictions on civil liberties stemming from martial law declared by it following the outbreak of the Artsakh War on September 27, reports Massis Post.

Martial law allowed the government to not only call a nationwide mobilization of army reservists but also ban rallies, strikes and media reports critical of its war-related decisions. Citing the mobilization, it also prohibited men aged 18 – 55 from leaving the country without permission granted by military authorities.

The government announced the lifting of these bans in a decision posted on its website. According to the text of the decree, published on the e-government website, clauses 3, 4 and 15 of the decree of September 27, 2020 declaring martial law in the country are declared invalid. The decree comes into force from the moment of publication (immediately).

More precisely, the government has removed the ban on rallies and a number of other restrictions in force during the martial law. It has also lifted a special entry and exit regime and the restrictions on media publications.

In general the martial law is still in place which means that the Armenian Government cannot resign or be removed under any circumstance, according to Armenian law.

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