MP Gor Gevorgyan Resigns From “My Step” Ruling Faction, Will Continue Serving As An Independent Member Of Parliament.

Member of Parliament Gor Gevorgyan has resigned from the “My Step” ruling faction due to “fundamental disagreements over a number of key, problematic issues facing the state,” will serve as an independent MP.

His post reads as follows:

“Dear compatriots,

I reaffirm that for me, national solidarity and unity, internal political stability are unquestionable priorities.

Institutional solutions to the problems facing Armenia and Artsakh կարելի can be achieved only through national unification, internal political stability, unconditional return to the RA Constitution.

These days I have tried to direct my efforts to dialogue with my colleagues, to assess the situation soberly, to find more effective solutions for our State.

At the same time, due to certain realities that have become apparent in this period, due to the fundamental disagreements over a number of key, problematic issues facing our State, I have decided to leave the My Step faction, continuing to fulfill my commitments to my constituents as an independent MP.

I would also like to emphasize that the strongest impetus for starting political activity was the idea of ​​building a new, stronger Armenia. In my life, I have not been constrained in expressing my thoughts, in expressing my position, in this regard, I think that the decision made will be perceptible for those members of my faction who know better about my principles, my commitment to always be true to my values.

From now on, I will continue to serve my homeland to the best of my ability.

I share the pain and sorrow of my people, I bow to the graves of all the martyrs, to the heroic fighters, to the Armenian Army.”

Earlier last month, MP Taguhi Tovmasyan left the “My Step” faction to also serve as an independent MP.

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