Red Cross Plans To Increase Its Presence In Artsakh By Sending An Additional 400-500 People.

President of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Peter Maurer said that the ICRC plans to send an additional 400-500 people to Artsakh, reports Russian RIA Novosti news agency.

In an interview with the RBC newspaper, Maurer said that over the past six weeks, the Red Cross has radically changed the nature of the humanitarian mission in Karabakh. As the conflict flared up, the ICRC realized that “more needs to be done,” he said. So, he noted that before the start of the war, the budget of the ICRC mission in the region was 10 million Swiss francs (almost 10.96 million dollars), and in 2021 it will be equal to 45 million Swiss francs (more than 49.31 million dollars).

The ICRC President added that the Red Cross has offices in Yerevan, Baku, Barda. Now the organization is returning people to Stepanakert.

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