PM Nikol Pashinyan Publishes a 15-Point Plan of Action to Overcome Armenia’s Current Situation.

Today, PM Nikol Pashinyan took to Facebook to announce changes in the government and presented a roadmap for the future work of the Republic’s authorities. The plan consists of 15 points.

His post reads as follows:

Dear people, dear compatriots.

Over the past week, we have talked many times about the war that started on September 27, the failures we had in it, the situation after that, and the details of that situation.

It is time to talk about ways, methods and programs to overcome the current situation.  I have already said that I consider myself the number one responsible for the current situation.

I am also responsible for overcoming the situation and establishing stability and security in the country.  I emphasize that not only do I not intend to relinquish that responsibility, but I am fully committed to it.

The roadmap of our most important things to do in the near future is the following.

1. Resumption of the Karabakh peace process in the format of the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs, emphasizing the status of Artsakh and the priority of the return of the people of Artsakh to their places of residence.

2. Ensure the return of the people of Artsakh to their homes.  To completely restore the normal life of Artsakh.  Rehabilitation of damaged houses, apartments and infrastructure in the territories under the control of the NKR authorities.

3. Provision of social guarantees for the families of killed servicemen and citizens.

4. Restoration of residential and public structures and infrastructure damaged during the war in the territory of the Republic of Armenia.

5. Provision of social guarantees, prosthetics and professional training for disabled servicemen.

6. Immediate return of captured soldiers and civilians.  Providing social guarantees for their families.  Quick clarification of the fate of the missing.  Providing social guarantees for their families.

7. Formation of a system of psychological rehabilitation of the people who took part in the war and the society in general.

8. Approval of the Armed Forces Reform Program and launch of reforms.

9. Overcoming the coronavirus and eliminating its consequences.

10. Restoration of economic activity environment.

11. Activation of programs for solving demographic problems.

12. Adoption of a new law on amendments to the Electoral Code and parties.

13. Introduction of the institute of specialized judges as the first step in establishing an anti-corruption court.  Launch of the law on confiscation of illegal property.

14. Holding regular thematic consultations with the representatives of the Armenian political and civil community.

15. Conducting regular thematic consultations with Armenian organizations and individuals of the Diaspora.  Involvement of Armenian առանձին individuals և Diaspora և structures in the above-mentioned processes.

The most important goal of all this is to ensure the democratic stability of Armenia and to create guarantees that nothing threatens the formation of power in Armenia through the free will of the people.

 I am making changes in the government to implement this road map.

The meaning and purpose of the changes will be the more effective implementation of the above-mentioned program and the maximum adaptation of the government staff to the implementation of the mentioned road map.

Dear compatriots, dear people.

It will take six months to put these measures on a reversible institutional track.  In June 2021, I will make a report on the implementation of the road map, as a result of which we will make a decision on what to do next, taking into account the public opinion and reaction.

They also want to express special gratitude to the employees of the RA state governmental system, as well as to the “My Step” faction of the RA National Assembly for the work and consolidation shown during this difficult period.  We have a lot of work to do, we must succeed.  In action.

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