The Grey Wolves Are Disseminating Threatening Flyers To Armenian Households In Germany.

The image is a German original of a flyer, distributed in Germany by the Grey Wolves, a Turkish neo-fascist organization, in the mailboxes of Armenians.

The translation below is pulled from Turkish historian, Taner Akcam’s Facebook page.

“The Grey Wolves will get you, 

you filthy children of Armenia, we will find you all and your children will stand at your grave before they fall into their own grave. 

We stand by our brothers from Azerbaijan and will not allow infidel dogs of Armenia to live peacefully in Germany.

We know you, we know where your children are, day and night.

The Grey Wolves are not far from you!

Turkish ultra-nationalists in Germany are distributing the following statements to Armenian houses they know.

The text continues, “We are with our Azerbaijani brothers and we will not allow Armenian infidel dogs to live comfortably in Germany. We know you and we know where your kids are day and night.

“The Grey Wolves are on your neck.′′

-Taner Akcam

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