Pashinyan Announces A One-Time Financial Assistance Payment Of 68,000 AMD ($137) To Each Armenian Displaced By The War.

Today, PM Nikol Pashinyan announced that the Government of Armenia will provide one-time financial assistance to the citizens of Artsakh displaced as a result of the war, who are in the Republic of Armenia, who have Artsakh registration.

His post reads as follows:

“Dear citizens of Artsakh,

The other day I instructed the government to present the program aimed at solving the social problems of our compatriots who moved to Armenia from the Artsakh Republic.

Thus, according to the decision made by the government today, one-time financial support will be provided to the people of Artsakh de facto displaced by the war, who are actually in the Republic of Armenia, who have a registration of Artsakh.

Each person transferred from Artsakh to the Republic of Armenia will be provided with financial assistance in the amount of 68,000 drams. Children will be supported if a parent or parent is considered a beneficiary of this program.

If the citizen does not have his / her own real estate in the Republic of Armenia, additional support in the amount of 15,000 AMD will be provided.

The assistance will be provided even if the citizen has already returned to Artsakh.

Applications for assistance will be accepted from November 23. It will also be possible to submit an application electronically. In the coming days, the RA Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs will present the details of the assistance procedure.

Dear citizens of Artsakh, I assure you that the Government of Armenia together with the Government of the Artsakh Republic will do everything to ensure the security of your future life, to restore Artsakh, to restore it and to put it on a new path of progress and hope.

Social assistance programs will continue in Artsakh.”

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