The City Of Berdzor Will Remain Armenian & The Road To Karvachar Will Reportedly Not Be Closed ON November 15.

The Karvachar-Vardenis highway will still be open, it will not be closed on November 15, as it was supposed, based on the Putin-Aliyev-Pashinyan joint agreement.

Davit Babayan, Advisor to the Artsakh Republic President, said this in an interview with Factor TV. It should be reminded that according to the above-mentioned statement, the Karvachar region was to be handed over to Azerbaijan tomorrow, on November 15.

Babayan also said that the city of Berdzor will remain part of Artsakh. “The road to Karvachar will not be closed on the 15th of the month, it will work for some time. And the city of Berdzor remains Armenian, the connection with Berdzor will be maintained with mother Armenia. And the Russian side will build a new road in three years, bypassing Shushi, so that there is a direct connection between Berdzor and Stepanakert.” 

According to Babayan, the extension of the terms is conditioned by the fact that it is not possible to carry out the actions envisaged by the announcement until November 15. Babayan cannot say exact dates as long as the Karvachar road will operate. In the war, Azerbaijan captured the city of Hadrut. The people of Hadrut, who met with foreign ambassadors, raise the issue of their city to free it from the Azerbaijani occupation. Is it possible to keep Hadrut Armenian? “We have to see, we have to work, because what happened to us is very difficult to get out of this situation. “Such a catastrophe has been very rare in our history,” Davit Babayan answered.

The capital Stepanakert is almost empty these days. Most shops are closed, objects of public importance, it is not the old Stepanakert, not the old Artsakh, as there are few people on the streets. “We opened a new page in our history. We closed one page and another opened. The only reassuring thing is that our history book was not closed, just one of the pages was closed, a new page was opened. This means that Artsakh exists, there are Armenians, we just have to learn lessons from what happened to us, “Babayan noted.

Details in the video.

H/T Factor TV

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