PM’s Wife Anna Hakobyan Says That Her Volunteer Detachment Continues To Hold Their Position In The Battlefield.

The Prime Minister’s wife Anna Hakobyan posted a video on her Facebook page, in which she says that the “Erato” detachment reportedly continue to hold the position entrusted to them.

In a video made from one of the battle positions, Anna Hakobyan says that they were told that they were looking for her in Yerevan these days.

“It was entrusted to guard the gorge from where it was possible for enemy saboteurs to crawl into our territory.  We were entrusted to control it and neutralize it if necessary.  I know there has been a lot of discussion about why I enlisted in the army to defend the homeland, whether it is not a woman’s place, or whether the Prime Minister’s wife had other things to do.  “Now is the time to look for answers as to why we took that step out of necessity,” she said.

The Prime Minister’s wife also noted that they will return like the rest of the other volunteers in due time, and after their return the detachment will be replenished, they will gain more professional training.


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