MP Vardan Atabekyan Resigns from “My Step” Faction Due to Disagreement Over PM Pashinyan’s Artsakh Statement.

Member of Parliament Vardan Atabekyan has resigned from the “My Step” faction due to a disagreement over Prime Minister NIkol Pashinyan’s Artsakh statement, per Vardan Atabekyan, Facebook.

His post reads as follows:


Like the overwhelming majority of the people, I also learned about the signed statement from the press.

Disagreeing with the position of the political team, I declare.

1. I am leaving the “My Step” faction, from now on I will act as an independent deputy.

2. I will direct my further parliamentary activity to get out of the current situation with as few losses as possible, I will start solving the problems of the Artsakh Armenians. It is only for this reason that I do not resign from my parliamentary mandate.

God protect us.

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