BREAKING NEWS: MP Gagik Tsarukyan, Leader Of The Prosperous Armenia Party, Has Been Detained By Armenian Authorities.

Opposition Leader Gagik Tsarukyan, Leader of the Prosperous Armenia Party, MP, and business tycoon has been detained by the National Security Service (NSS).

Prosperous Armenia Party MP Iveta Tonoyan told reporters in central Yerevan during a rally that Tsarukyan is being taken to the NSS headquarters. “We don’t know the charges, we don’t know why he is being taken there,” she said.

Earlier, another Prosperous Armenia Party MP Shake Isayan said that Gagik Tsarukyan is currently being arrested in a Facebook post.

Dozens of protesters are detained amid an anti-government rally in central Yerevan.

The rally is organized by 17 political parties demanding the resignation of the Pashinyan administration over the conditions of the Karabakh armistice.

“Dear citizens, during the active martial law in Armenia, organizing or participating in rallies and strikes is banned,” police said, demanding the demonstrators to stop the rally and disperse.

The parties who called for the rally include the Republican Party of Armenia, Prosperous Armenia Party, the ARF, Fatherland, National Security, Freedom, National Agenda, National Democratic Union, National Consent, Alliance Progressive Centrists, Democratic Alternative, Yerkir Tsirani, Solidarity, Democratic Liberal Union of Armenia, Christian-Democratic Union, One Armenia, and Constitutional Rights Union.

H/T Armenpress

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