Names Of 81 More Armenian Soldiers Released Who Were Killed In Battles In Artsakh, Total Death Toll Over 1,300.

Today, the names of 81 more Armenian servicemen were released who were killed in battles in Artsakh, total death toll over 1,300, per the Armenian Unified Infocenter, Armenian Ministry of Defense.

In Memoriam:

Grigoryan Artyom Ashotiki, born in 1975 (Reserve)

Aghabekyan Mher Zarmoi, born in 1972 (Reserve)

Abrahamyan Armen Andraniki, born in 1973 (Reserve)

Poghosyan Hovhannes Gagiki, born in 1992

Hayrapetyan Gor Levoni, born in 1992

Kirakosyan Yerem Zaveni, born in 1992

Lalayan Andranik Grishai, born in 1990

Barkhudaryan Armen Kareni, born in 1989

Asryan Davit Artyushai, born in 1986

Reserve Brutyan Varuzhan Alexanderi, born in 1968

Grigoryan Aram Ernesti, born in 2002

Ohanyan Hrachik Erici, born in 1994 (Reserve)

Grigoryan Varuzhan Simoni, born in 1979 (Reserve)

Khachatryan Sukias Andaniki, born in 1983 (Reserve)

Nikoghosyan Janibek Davidi, born in 1979 (Reserve)

Safaryan Marat Armeni, born in 1982 (Reserve)

Hovhannisyan Gerasim Levoshai, born in 1974 (Reserve)

Abrahamyan Eduard Ilyichi, born in 1967 (Reserve)

Ayvazyan Vardan Arai, born in 1995 (Reserve)

Hovhannisyan Mkhitar Grigori, born in 1982

Grigoryan Hovik Arseni, born in 1996

Gabrielyan Lernik Vladimiri, born in 1990

Chobanyan Aren Avagi, born in 2001

Asatryan Hovik Hovhannesi, born in 2000

Davidyan Hovhannes Vladiki, born in 1994 (Reserve)

Shakaryan Gurgen Kamoi, born in 1991

Melikyan Hayk Sargisi, born in 2001

Soghomonyan Koryun Karleni, born in 1984

Hambardzumyan Hrayr Harutyuni, born in 1999

Hakobyan Ruslan Karoi, born in 1985

Vahanyan Suren Harutyuni, born in 1994

Hakobyan Paruyr Grigoryi, born in 1990

Kakoyan Vladimir Ishkhani, born in 2001

Grigoryan Nver Haykazi, born in 2000

Arakelyan Andranik Gurgeni, born in 2001

Arsenyan Nelson Vazgeni, born in 1988

Khachatryan Artak Avetisi, born in 1993

Stepanyan Hayk Hrachiki, born in 1996

Apresyan Karen Armeni, born in 2001

Hovhannisyan Albert Ararati, born in 2001

Badoyan Arman Armeni, born in 2002

Safaryan Marat Ediki, born in 1995

Baghramyan Baris Arseni, born in 1998

Volunteer Harutyunyan Hakob Volodyai, born in 1972

Yagubyan Sargis Slaviki, born in 2001

Hovsepyan Narek Grigori, born in 1999

Shahinyan Armen Geghami, born in 2001

Shahinyan Ruben Geghami, born in 2001

Soghomonyan Vahan Khazhaki, born in 2001

Sargsyan Yuri Hamazaspi, born in 1995

Grigoryan Moris Hakobi, born in 2001

Grigoryan Roman Vagifi, born in 1982

Mikaelyan Valeri Armeni, born in 1991

Gevorgyan Vardan Seyrani, born in 1977 (Reserve)

Stepanyan Aristakes Hoktemberi, born in 1993 (Volunteer)

Grigoryan Andranik Grigori, born in 1989 (Reserve)

Kotanjyan Edgar Vahagni, born in 2001

Gasparyan Pargev Sureni, born in 2001

Aghababyan Edgar Ishkhani, born in 2002

Uzunyan David Bagrati, born in 2001

Sahakyan Hayk Harutyuni, born in 2000

Aslanyan Vazgen Armeni, born in 2001

Gevorgyan Gevorg Grigori, born in 2000

Ghambaryan Hovhannes Mkhitari, born in 2000

Gevorgyan Marat Arthuri, born in 2000

Petrosyan Robert Artyomi, born in 2001

Khachatryan Gevorg Rustami, born in 2001

Hovhannisyan Sergey Artashesi, born in 2001

Mikaelyan Eric Arseni, born in 2001

Antonyan Samvel Davidi, born in 2000

Avagyan Emmanuel Arseni, born in 2000

Sargsyan Armenak Artaki, born in 1998

Chagharyan Arman Artaki, born in 1999

Mnatsakanyan Grigor Gurgeni, born in 1995

Serobyan Karen Garegini, born in 1981

Khachatryan Hovhannes Arthuri, born in 1991

Malkhasyan Artyom Melikseti, born in 1982

Adyan Vahe Avetiki, born in 2001

Manasyan Samvel Hamleti, born in 2001

Parsoyan Armen Artaki, born in 2001

Badikyan Vahagn Zhorai, born in 1969 (Volunteer)

Our condolences to the relatives of these Armenian heroes protecting Armenia and Artsakh from Azeri aggression.

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