Armenian Gov’t Publishes More Evidence Of Azeris On Social Media Encouraging The Killing Of Armenians.

Feasts, surveys, polls encouraging killings and cruel treatment of Armenians are organized in Azerbaijani social media, then happiness and pride spread for committed atrocities; other forms of hatred towards Armenians is largely encouraged, per the Human Rights Defender’s Office of Armenia.

Armenia’s Human Rights Defender’s Office obtained evidence confirming all the mentioned facts.

For example, a photo of a beheaded body is posted in this Azerbaijani social network channel claiming that this is an Armenian soldier and a poll is organized with exceptional cynicism and intention of incitement to hatred. This is clearly confirmed by the attachments to this statement (the original poll and its translation).

The Human Rights Defender’s Office of Armenia has duly documented all these publications and will send them to relevant international bodies.

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