BREAKING NEWS: 9 Azeris Arrested After Ambushing & Attacking Armenians In Israel, Old Armenian Man Hospitalized.

Developing Story: “In Israel, moments ago Azeris attacked Armenians with stones and sticks; we have wounded, damaged cars with the flags of Armenia and Artsakh… Armenians’ peaceful car rally was demanding a stop to Israel’s sale of weapons to Azerbaijan,” writes Ani Avetyan.

Following a peaceful Armenian protest directed at the Knesset (Parliament) in Israel, Armenians returning from the protest were subject to attacks by Azeris.

The protest was said to be planned and initiated in Jerusalem. Armenians donned flags on their cars. As the Armenians were returning from their protest, two cars blocked the fleet on the highway, got out and hit an elderly man’s car. The assailant reportedly hit the man in the head with a brick and he is currently receiving treatment at a local hospital.

The remaining Armenians got out of their of their cars as the Azeris began attacking them until the police came. 

This is the first instance of Azeri violence in the diaspora since the July skirmishes.

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