Armenians Shut Down Interstate Highways Across Europe.

Early in the morning, the Armenians of Europe initiated a protest of unprecedented scale, the Office of the High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs reported on Friday. Armenians across Europe have organized and mobilized to initiate a protest at various border crossings across Europe.

The France-Spain border, the France-Italy border, the France-Switzerland border, the France-Belgium border, the Netherlands-Germany border, the Netherlands-Belgium border, the Belgium-Luxembourg border, and the Germany-Denmark border.

“Our compatriots are keeping the interstate highways of the following directions closed: from France to Spain, from France to Belgium, from Belgium to the Netherlands, from France to Switzerland, from the Netherlands to Germany, and from Luxembourg to Belgium and France, from France to Italy, from Germany to Denmark,” the office said.

The protesting Armenians demand the international recognition of Artsakh and the condemnation and cessation of the Turkish-Azerbaijani-terrorist aggression, it added. 

Armenians all over the world, united as ever, shut down interstate highways across #Europe, demanding int'l recognition of #Artsakh: From France to Spain, Belgium to the Netherlands, Denmark to Germany, Switzerland and more.

In 2018, the #Armenian people stood up for their democratic rights. Today, Armenians all over the world are standing together as one for the right of the people of #Artsakh to self-determination. In unity there is strength.

Originally tweeted by Nikol Pashinyan (@NikolPashinyan) on October 16, 2020.

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