BREAKING NEWS: Azeris Target Military Equipment In Armenia Proper, As Azeri SU-25 Fighter Jet Downed In Artsakh.

On October 14, the Azerbaijani armed forces targeted military equipment within the territory of the Republic of Armenia, in the border area with Karvachar, based only on the assumption that the equipment was ready to strike the peaceful settlements of Azerbaijan. 

In fact, the military-political leadership of that country allows itself to target the military equipment on the territory of the Republic of Armenia carrying out normal combat duty, only on the basis of assumptions. 

Reaffirming that so far no rocket, projectile or bullet has been fired from the territory of the Republic of Armenia in the direction of Azerbaijan, we declare that from now on the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia reserve the right to target any military facility or military movement in the territory of Azerbaijan. The military-political leadership of Azerbaijan bears all the responsibility for the process of changing the logic of the combat zone. There are no casualties. 

In addition, the Ministry of Defense reports that an enemy SU-25 has been downed.

Per Armenia MoD

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