BREAKING NEWS: “I Hope Your Country Gets Blown Up” Armenians Told At CBSLA Protest.

DEVELOPING STORY: Following the 150,000-strong March for Victory in Los Angeles, where Armenians gathered to protest Azerbaijani aggression against the Armenian Republic of Artsakh, many Armenians went to the CBS Los Angeles studios to protest their biased coverage regarding what has transpired in Artsakh over the past two weeks.

As Armenians engaged in peaceful demonstrations, they blocked the entrance of the CBS Studios. This was largely due to CBS’s interview with the Azerbaijani Consulate General in Los Angeles, Nasimi Aghayev, and their one-sided coverage using Azerbaijan’s revisionist narrative of the war along the Artsakh-Azerbaijan border.

As a result, Armenians peacefully blocked the entrance to the CBS Studios, which was not taken kindly. One Armenian had his hands raised, as an employee got out of his car and tried to push the peaceful demonstrator away. According to Narek Doganyan, present at the protest, an employee using his pickup truck sped onto a peaceful protestor and was heard saying, “I hope you all die and I hope your country gets blown up,” before driving off.

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