150,000+ Armenians Protest Turkish & Azeri Aggression In Los Angeles.

Yesterday, October 11, 2020, the Los Angeles Armenian-American community protested the joint Turkish-Azeri aggression and human rights violations against the Armenians of Artsakh. Organized by the Pan-Armenian Council, a collective of Armenian-American organizations in Los Angeles, organized the March for Victory which began at 3pm at Pan-Pacific Park and ended at the Turkish Consulate.

In the early hours of September 27, Azerbaijan launched a full-scale military offensive along the border of the free and independent Armenian Republic of Artsakh. The offensive began when the Azeri forces, backed by the Turkish government began shelling Stepanakert, the capital city of Artsakh. 

This protests, among the worldwide protests, have made their statements clear. The Armenian diaspora is outraged over the reprehensible actions of the Azerbaijani government in its attack targeted along the Armenian and Artsakh border, in addition to shelling and targeting civilian settlements. The attack yet again demonstrates an instance of unprovoked ceasefire and human rights violations against the Republic of Armenia. The actions of the Turkish and Azeri governments, undermines the efforts of the people of Armenia and Artsakh to live peacefully in their homes, without the constant threat of sniper-fire, mortar fire and drone attacks.

Across the Armenian diaspora, the message is clear. The Armenian diaspora stands in solidarity with Republic of Armenia’ and Artsakh and we urge the international community to pursue sanctions on the government of Azerbaijan and Turkey to shed light on their international and human rights violations. The Armenian diaspora continues to stand with the peaceful people of Armenia and Artsakh and reaffirm their undeniable right to security and independence.

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