Pashinyan Calls On Reservists To Join Army Amid Escalation. “This Is Our Sardarabad. Life & Death Struggle.”

Today, Armenia’s Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan addressed the nation, calling on reservists to re-enlist.

The following is an unofficial translation of his message:

“When I last spoke about the situation on the Line of Contact, I said that in certain directions the battles are intense, in others the Artsakh Defense Army is in control of the situation. I do not want to hide anything from you. In this live address, I want to call upon the soldiers who were demobilized from the Armed Forces during the past year.

“As you know, martial law has been declared in Armenia and now there is a call for general mobilization. According to our legislation, those who have finished their mandatory military service this past year will not be called up in the general mobilization of forces. The issue is that the boys that have completed their mandatory service and were demobilized over the course of the past year are the most combat ready resource. Boys, the homeland needs your help. I have already said that this is a new Sardarabad, this is not just a Karabakh issue, this is a continuation of a genocidal policy against the Armenians and we should protect our people from genocide. If we don’t all take a stand, we will be subjected to genocide. But today the Armenian is not a traveler on the road to Der Zor. And the citizens of Armenia should be able to protect themselves.

“I have come to the conclusion that the most combat-ready segment of our society are the boys who were demobilized during the last year. I want to call upon all demobilized soldiers to present themselves to the central enlistment base starting immediately and enlist in the army to take part in this new Sardarabad. I have already given the relevant orders. Of course, there are security problems because I am speaking to you in a live address and the adversary can have access to this too. The central enlistment base is located in Charbakh. I want to be honest and tell you that you are not being called to carry out combat duty, you are being called in a struggle of life and death for your homeland.

“Although the soldiers that have been demobilized during the past one year are not included, in accordance with the law, in the general mobilization, I am urging you to register as volunteers. I also urge everyone who has a helmet, body armor and warm clothes to also bring them to the central military enlistment base. I have given all the relevant orders to take all security measures. Details will be provided later. This is a new Sardarabad, we should win and break the back of the adversary by standing next to one another and shoulder to shoulder. There are 10,000 such boys and if at least half of them volunteer to enlist in the army, they will be in some of the most combat-ready positions of our Army. I believe that together we can lead the struggle of life and death and ensure victory for the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Artsakh. I rely on you.

“I love you all, I am proud of you all, I bow before you all and call upon all of you to present yourselves to the central enlistment base in Yerevan with or without a military uniform.” 

H/T EVN Report

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