BREAKING NEWS: Artsakh President Announces That He Will Go To The Front Lines To Fight. “We Mustn’t Let The Enemy Genocide Us.”

Generals, officers, sergeants, soldiers of the army worthy of Armenian glory and pride, Fellow soldiers! Dedicated volunteers!

Heavy fighting is taking place with varying intensity along the entire line of contact between Artsakh and Azerbaijan. Civilian settlements, including the capital Stepanakert, were shelled.

The Nation and the Homeland are endangered. The right to live freely, independently and with dignity on the own land liberated at the cost of the blood of our brave Armenians is endangered.

Therefore, I am now going to the front line with the special forces to fight for my part, because I will be more valuable on the front line than in the rear. I call on all of you to immediately stand up and defend our inalienable right to live in our homeland without ontological danger with complete devotion. This is a holy patriotic war, which we must win with the maximum participation and dedication of each of us. I believe in the courage of your spirit, in the strength of your arm.

Let us be worthy of our Great Ancestors, all those who sacrificed their lives centuries ago, in Sardarabad, in the Great Patriotic War, in the Artsakh Liberation War, in the April 2016 war, in the July 2020 battles, so that every morning of our mothers, sisters and children opens peacefully. their every smile will be filled with dignity and pride.

Let us be responsible to our present and future generations, so that we do not allow the age-old enemy to genocide us again, to shake the head of our existence and dignity, to give our future generations the opportunity and right to exist, to create forever on their own land and values.

We have achieved many victories, we have created an organized and efficient army, a strong and victorious army in the region. Today, the Armenian Army is the living embodiment and core of national unity.

Now is the time again to become a strong and powerful army, a spiritual homeland wall, which will be hit by all the foreign storms and thrown back headlong. I am sure that you also share my concerns and convictions, that you also believe in the national and universal values, for the sake of which we must stand unbreakable and unwavering.

This is our last battle, which we will definitely win together. I am with you until VICTORY. In the arms! We are honored.

Per Arayik Harutyunyan/Facebook

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