Azerbaijan Bombs Martakert’s Settlements Killing 3 Civilians, Wounding Several Others.

Following the press conference of the Ministry fo Defense, Artsrun Hovhannisyan reports that: “An enemy military plane recently bombed the town of Martakert, killing three civilians and wounding several others. Baku is officially and openly attacking the civilian population, violating all norms of international law.

Our condolences to the relatives of all the victims.

Furthermore, during the day, hostilities continued in all directions of the front line. The Defense Army vanguard units continue to deliver devastating blows to the attacking enemy, as a result of which the enemy has lost “Smerch”, “Hurricane” type volley fire rocket launchers, dozens of other artillery and anti-tank means, in the north-south direction: 1- Each “TOS 1” type artillery, 11 tanks, 3 HMM and 6 armored personnel carriers.

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