New Armenian School In Valence, France Welcomes Its First Students.

The French-Armenian Kevork Arabian School in Valence, France has officially opened, per Valence Tbrots.

As Zartonk Media was informed from the Kevork Arabian School in Valence, the statement runs as follows,

Our community dreamed of it, it is now a reality!

Despite the special conditions, the Franco-Armenian Kevork Arabian school in Valence welcomed its first students for a historic start.

It is made up of two kindergarten sections, in which the first eight pupils of our school are distributed (five in small section, three in middle section).

The school will proceed by educational progression, that is to say that a higher level will open each year until September 2026, when CM2 was created.

The health crisis linked to Covid-19 having caused a delay in the construction of the school, our board of directors made the decision, in June, to relocate temporarily to the Georges Markarian artistic center, to welcome the students in good conditions.

However, an administrative contingency beyond our control did not allow us to begin our return to school there. This cannot be done until October 15.

Despite this, the students were nonetheless accommodated temporarily at the private school Sainte Thérèse in Bourg-Lès-Valence, until the start of All Saints’ Day.

We are happy to see that the children there are happy and fulfilled despite the difficult context.

We would like to thank Mr. Jacques Markarian and the direction of Catholic education, who provided us with solutions to make this historic return to school possible. We also thank the parents of the students for their trust and patience, as well as our teaching staff, supervised by the director of our school, Ms. Annick Waechter.

The Governing Board of the Kevork Arabian School in Valencia.

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