Remains Of An Ancient Armenian Fortress Have Emerged From Under Lake Van In Turkey.

The remains of an ancient Armenian fortress have emerged from under Lake Van in Turkey.

The “sunken fortress” is part of the city of Old Archesh, which emerged after the water levels of the lake dropped by 2 meters due to drought.

Old Archesh, a part of which is now called “Chelebibagh,” 1841. Due to the rising water level of Lake Van, it was gradually abandoned and flooded. Then, because of the drought, the water level dropped and the “sunken city” came to the surface. The buildings belonging to the city were significantly damaged due to the 2011 earthquake in Van.

Turkish researcher-writer Selahattin Kosar said in an interview with the daily that a part of the fortress should be restored and turned into a tourist center.

It should be noted that the Armenian fortress of Archesh was built during the reign of the Kingdom of Van.

It should be reminded that from the second half of the 18th century, due to the rising level of Lake Van, the old Archesh gradually went under water; from the second half of the 19th century, its buildings, churches, houses and other structures were no longer visible. Only during the rough waves, when the waves of the lake retreated to the depths, the remnants of its defensive walls and their towers could hardly be seen. After the historical Archesh was buried under water, a town north of it, in a higher place, was built called Akants (Nor Archesh, Turkish.)

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