Armenia Launches New Electronic Petition Platform To Increase Its Citizens Involvement In Politics.

The Armenian Government has launched a unified electronic platform for petitions – as an important tool of e-democracy and participatory governance. The initiative dubbed the Armenian version of aims to further encourage citizen participation in decision-making.

“Through petitions citizens can submit proposals on the settlement of issues related to economic, political, social and other spheres or the improvement of existing legal regulations,” Deputy Prime Minister Tigran AVinyan said.

Furthermore, he said, they can report on shortcomings in the activities of specific state, local and self-government bodies and officials.

“Thus, the unified electronic platform for petitions will allow submitting individual and collective petitions electronically, supporting submitted initiatives, following the petition process, and receiving the petition response electronically,” Avinyan said.

He emphasized that the government will pay close attention to the processes taking place on this platform.

H/T Public Radio Of Armenia

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