Iranian-Armenian Philanthropist Levon Aharonian Passes Away.

Iran’s Alik Armenian Daily reports that national and public figure, benefactor and businessman Levon Aharonian passed away yesterday.

Born in 1930 in the Haftvan village of the historically Armenian Salmast province, Levon Aharonian was a longstanding member and later chairperson of the Armenian Diocesan Council in Tehran and played a major role in the formation and development of Iran-Armenia trade and economic relations after Armenia regained its independence. The temporary bridge linking Iran to Armenia was built through his direct efforts.

In 1993, he and his colleagues founded the Iran-Armenia Chamber of Commerce, which Aharonian chaired for many years. He also helped build the A. A. Aharonian Armenian Kindergarten in the Zeytun district of Tehran and did charity work in Armenia.

H/T News.Am

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