Armenia Sends Over Two Tons Of Medical Supplies To Aleppo Hospitals.

On August 24, 2020, in cooperation with the Consulate General of Armenia in Aleppo, the medical team of the Armenian Humanitarian Mission delivered more than 2 tons of medical supplies to Aleppo medical facilities.

The health officials thanked the Armenian doctors for the medical supplies provided at the “Armenian Nursing Home”, “Pharmacy”, “Betel” social medical centers, and a number of other medical institutions.

According to them, Armenian-Syrian doctors are making joint efforts to help the injured. The director of the hospital also thanked the Armenian authorities and healthcare bodies for their assistance and support from the very first days.

The Armenian Humanitarian Group, in cooperation with the Syrian Relief Cross, provided the necessary supplies and food to the students of the National Shelter Orphanage belonging to the Armenian community in Aleppo.

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