Slopes Of Mt. Ararat Trashed, Turned Into Landfill By Turkish Climbers.

The slopes of Mount Ararat, the highest mountain in the Armenian highlands in the present-day Turkish province of Aghr, have been turned into a landfill by Turkish mountaineers. The garbage was left over from the waste accumulated by the mountaineering, which was dumped at 4,200 meters above sea level.

The Turkish Sabah newspaper said in an article that the video from the mountain was posted on social media. He mentioned how people who litter beaches or picnic parks are called “ignorant”, whereas this pile of trash is caused by professional mountain climbers.

“We are in trouble if even mountain climbers have started to litter the nature,” Sabah said, adding that taking an empty juice bottle back during descend shouldn’t have been such a difficult thing to do for the climbers.

H/T Ermeni Haber

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