Armenian MP Arman Abovyan: “We Must Diplomatically Annoy The Turks.”

The Turkish Foreign Ministry has issued a statement regarding Armenia’s support for Greece and Cyprus. Arman Abovyan, an MP of the opposition Prosperous Armenia Party, wrote about this on his Facebook page.

“Let me recall that the Turks are openly trying to occupy a part of the Greek and Cypriot maritime economic zones.

In their statement, the Turks very indignantly complained about our [Armenia’s] position [on the matter].

Here it can be unequivocally stated that the more proactive we will be to counteract the Turks in all directions, the Turks will be that much more ‘well-behaved’ and, naturally, constructive … in a word, I will repeat once again: We must diplomatically ‘annoy’ the Turks in all possible international platforms; they do not understand any other language,” Abovyan added.


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