Armenia Developing Social Support Programs For Lebanese-Armenians Willing To Move To The Homeland.

Today, Zaruhi Batoyan, Minister of Labor and Social Affairs announced that the Republic of Armenia is developing social support and integration programs for Lebanese Armenians willing to establish in Armenia.

“After the explosion in Lebanon it is natural that our compatriots living in Beirut and especially RA citizens should expect support of the Republic of Armenia. Now that the government has provided first aid to Lebanon, first steps have been taken, we must be ready for the fact that if our compatriots living there decide to leave Lebanon for any reason, then they will become our country to live free, happy and prosperous They will get a new opportunity right in Armenia,” said Batoyan in a Facebook post.

And most importantly, everything should be done to prevent them from moving to another country after coming to Armenia, as it happened in the case of many Syrian Armenians. To this end, social support and integration programs must be developed and reviewed. The work has begun in this direction and the ministry also participates in discussions,” added Batoyan.

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