BREAKING NEWS: Armenian Youth Federation Protests In Front Of Turkish Consul-General’s Residence In Los Angeles.

On July 30, the Armenian Youth Federation held a protest outside the Turkish Consulate General’s residence in Los Angeles to protest the latest aggressive and brazen attacks by Azerbaijan, encouraged by Turkey, this time against military and civilian targets in Armenia’s Tavush Province, the AYF-WUS informs Zartonk Media.

The event was organized by the Armenian Youth Federation Western U.S. Central Executive, where over 50 AYF members were present to condemn the reprehensible actions promoted by both governments in Ankara and Baku.

The AYF sought to raise their collective voices against not only on Ankara’s & Baku’s military aggression, but Turkey’s unequivocal support to Azerbaijan and Ankara’s official threats to “deal with Armenians.”

The protesters’ decisive and resolute calls for justice and peace, as well as their determined condemnation of Turkey & Azerbaijan was clearly heard by those in and around the Turkish Consulate General’s residence. Passers-by and neighbors were seen documenting the protest and inquiring about Turkey’s genocidal policies against Armenia, Armenians, and other minority groups.

The AYF concluded the protest by singing “Gini Lits,” “Sardarabad,” and “Mer Hayrenik.”

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