Armenian Youth Help Clean Up Beirut’s Bourj Hammoud.

The devastation and destruction caused by Tuesday’s massive explosion in the port of Beirut has shattered many communities around the city. Residents, however, have begun the arduous task of cleaning up and bringing some semblance of normalcy to their lives.

Members of various Armenian Youth Federation of Lebanon chapters in the Armenian-populated Bourdj Hammoud neighborhood, heeded the call of local authorities and on Friday evening took part in the area’s cleanup efforts, reported the Beirut-based Aztag Daily.

The cleanup involved sweeping glass and other debris from the explosion.

The AYF members called on the entire community to join in this effort and assist the Bourdj Hammoud authorities’ efforts to restore the neighborhood as quickly as possible.

Joining the effort were scouts from Beirut’s northern suburb of Kornet Hamra who joined their AYF colleagues in the Bourdj Hammoud cleanup. They also urged residents of their area to join in and bring the neighborhood some respite from the tragedy.

As of this writing, 154 people were reported to have died from Tuesday’s explosion, which has also impacted the Armenian community, whose leaders are reporting that 13 Armenians perished as a result of the blast.

The first of three humanitarian flights took off from Yerevan and is carrying 20 tons of emergency supplies to Lebanon.

H/T Asbarez

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