Armenia To Send Humanitarian Aid To Lebanon After Deadly Explosion.

Armenia to send medicine, medical equipment, food, and other supplies in aid to Lebanon, per Mane Gevorgyan, spokesperson for the Prime Minister of Armenia.

“The Government of the Republic of Armenia, through the Office of the High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is in constant contact with the leadership of the Lebanese Government as well as with Lebanese-Armenian community leaders in order to offer our brotherly assistance to Lebanon. As a result of the discussions, the needs on the ground have been identified and within the framework of this assessment, the Republic of Armenia government will deliver targeted assistance to both the government of Lebanon as well as to the Armenian community,” said Gevorgyan.

“Assistance from Armenia will be in the form of medicine, medical equipment, food, and other supplies and will arrive as soon as possible via charter flight. As a reminder, Prime Minister Pashinyan had a telephone conversation with Lebanese President Michel Aoun, and expressed the readiness of the Armenian government to assist and support Lebanon and its brotherly people,” added Gevorgyan.

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