BREAKING NEWS: Azerbaijanis Attack Armenians During Protest In London, England.

DEVELOPING STORY: Today, on Tuesday July 28, 2020, Armenians were protesting Azeri Aggression in London, England, sources in London, England inform Zartonk Media.

The fight broke out when Azeri counter-protesters crossed the road towards the Armenian side as one of the Azeris attacked an Armenian with a flag pole. After which, acting in self defense, Armenians stopped further attacks and a fight broke out.

The Armenian side was reported to have 50 protestors, while the Azerbaijani side had over 150 demonstrators, sources in London, England inform Zartonk Media.


“A pro-war rally was organised by UK Azerbaijanis in front of BBC office in London and central London.

Members of UK Armenian community gathered in the same location with a goal to promote peace in the region. Armenians were praying and dancing peacefully. Armenians called for peace. Our slogans were “Armenia wants peace!”, “Stop the war!”, “We are neighbours”, “UK wants peace”, “World needs peace!”.

Unfortunately, the Azerbaijani rally promoted by the Government of Azerbaijan and Secret Services had only one goal to promote further confrontation and animosity between people. Such rallies are organised around the world in the same manner in a blatant attempt to justify war. There was not a single call for peace from the Azerbaijani side, but chants for war, abusive remarks and slurs.

After about an hour later, the Azerbaijani crowd moved across the street and pushed against the police cordon. Azerbaijanis were chanting slurs, issuing threats and displaying “Grey Wolves” (a fascist terrorist group) hand signs. At one point the Azeri crowd broke through the police cordon and attacked Armenians with flagpoles and bottles filled with an unknown liquid. One person on the Armenian side was injured. Thanks to professional actions of MET police the aggressive Azerbaijani crowd was pushed back and went away to cry for war in front of UK Parliament.

The Armenian community of London/UK would like to thank MET Police for their work in protecting our calls for peace!”

Video credits: @SipanDro

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