Armenians in Akhalkalak Protest Azerbaijani Aggression.

On July 21st, Armenians in Akhalkalak, Javakhk gathered to Protest Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan does not have an official building in the region, so protestors decided to demonstrate on a soccer field.

The protest was organized by the youth of Akhalkalak and began with the Georgian and Armenian anthems. Crowds chanting “Hayastan,” could be heard as Armenian revolutionary songs like “Akhpers ou yes” echoed in the background during the protest. The protest lasted for an hour and ended with an Armenian kochari dance.

Thousands of protestors gathered from Akhalkalak and neighboring Ninotsminda to protest the deplorable and disgraceful actions of the Azerbaijani government in its attack targeted at civilians in the Tavush region. The attack yet again demonstrates an instance of unprovoked ceasefire and human rights violations against the Republic of Armenia.

The protest in Javakhk, Georgia, among many others across the world, calls for an end to Azeri aggression and urges the international community to pursue sanctions on the government of Azerbaijan and shed light on its international and human rights violations. Armenians everywhere throughout the Armenian diaspora stand with the peaceful people of Armenia and reaffirm their undeniable right to security and independence.

All over the world, Armenian communities have responded to the calls, launched by youth. The message is universal: Diaspora, Artsakh and Armenia are one!

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