BREAKING NEWS: Azerbaijanis Attack Armenians During Protest In London, England.

Today, on Friday July 17, 2020, the Armenian Youth Federation in London Armenians held a counter-protest against the false claims made by outside of the Republic of Armenia’s Embassy in London after a group of Azerbaijanis began protesting, sources in London, England inform Zartonk Media.

This fight occurred as a result of a female Azerbaijani protester crossing to the Armenian side and ripping the poster from a peaceful Armenian protester, per source.

Although there were minor altercations there were no major casualties and the demonstration was peacefully dispersed,” per AYF London.

“Many thanks to all those who attended and supported our cause. In times of crisis it’s important that we unite and show our strength and we are proud that our community came together in solidarity with our soldiers on the frontline, defending our lands,” said AYF London.

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