PM Pashinyan Posthumously Honors Four Armenian Soldiers Killed By Azerbaijan With Medals.

The four servicemen killed during the defense battles along Armenia’s north-eastern border with Azerbaijan have been honored posthumously. The corresponding decrees are posted on the official website of the Armenian president, per Tert.

Garush  V. Hambardzumyan, a major of an engineering military unit, was posthumously awarded with the second degree Order “For Services to the Motherland”.

Captain Sos P. Elbakyan, a military unit headquarter chief and a deputy head of an artillery battalion, was honored with the posthumous Brevity Order.

Grisha V. Matevosyan and Smbat G. Gabrielyan, both junior sergeants who served in engineer-sapper platoon squads, were posthumously decorated with the Military Service order.

Azerbaijan kept Armenia’s north-eastern border under repeated gunfire from July 12 to 14. On Sunday afternoon, the Ministry of Defense reported an incursion attempt by several Azerbaijani servicemen who wanted to cross into the Tavush region in a minivan. After a warning by the Armenian side, they returned to the starting positions, leaving the vehicle on Armenia’s territory.

The adversary repeated the border transgression attempt about an hour later, opening fire in the same direction, but was subsequently suppressed and pushed back with losses. Armenia reported no casualties at the time.

Azerbaijan continued firing mortars against Armenian outposts also on Monday afternoon. The situation calmed down later during the day. In a Facebook post on Tuesday morning, the Ministry’s spokesperson, Shushan Stepanyan, reported a relative calm in the border zone. She later published a video featuring the Armenian Armed Forces’ retaliatory operation of neutralizing an Azerbaijani tank and Azerbaijani military outposts.

Stepanyan reported a relative calm along the north-eastern border also on Wednesday morning.

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