20 Azeri Deaths Will Likely Rise To 25-40 As Armenian Forces Put Down Azerbaijani “Yashma” Special Forces.

Head of the Command and Staff Faculty at the Military University, Artsrun Hovhannisyan reveals that the photos being circulate of Azeri corpses are not the only ones, there are more areas where Azeri Armed Forces corpses are to be found.

Azeri news outlets have attempted to disseminate fake news, regarding this. Azerbaijan claims that this never happened, but Hovhannisyan counters this by asking Azerbaijan, if those corpses were on their territories, then why did they stay that long or if they were on their land, then why did they request a ceasefire from Armenia to recover them?

When asked about Azerbaijan’s casualty count, Hovhanissyan adds that there are more bodies of Azerbaijani soldiers in various parts of the buffer zone. He claims that 20 of the 100 men of the Azerbaijani Special forces “Yashma” have been shot dead. However, he stated that Azerbaijan’s death count will likely increase to 25-40% (out of the 100-man offensive yesterday) since many “Yashma” forces were critically injured and chances are the severity of their injuries will rise, according to Hovhannisyan.

Spokesperson of the Ministry of Defense Shushan Stepanyan warned Azerbaijan to hold fire and stop military operations otherwise the number of dead bodies from the Azerbaijan Armed Forces will likely drastically increase.

In the press briefing, Hovhannisyan brought up that Azerbaijan has threatened to attack the Metsamor Nuclear Power Plant in Armenia. Azeri sources falsely claim that Armenians threatened to attack the Mingachevir Water Reservoir. Hovhannisyan strongly denied these claims. Furthermore, he added that, no Azeri house has been shelled by Armenians.

Hayk Chobanyan, Governor of the Tavush Region revealed that one civilian has been injured by Azeri shillings.

When asked about the frontlines in Artsakh and Nakhichevan, Hovhannisyan concluded that they remain relatively calm announced during his daily briefing with Armenian Unified InfoCenter.

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