Armenia Shoots Down 2 Azerbaijani Drones, 12 Total; Azerbaijan Bombs Armenian Mask Factory, Civilians.

“As of July 14 at 12:15am, the situation on northeastern part of Armenian-Azerbaijani border has been relatively calm. No artillery was used,” said Shushan Stepanyan, spokeswoman of the Armenian Defense Ministry on Facebook.

“At around 10 to 11 p.m. the Armenian Armed Forces shot down two unmanned aerial combat vehicles of Azerbaijani side,” she added.

In the latest blatant attacks on Armenian civilian infrastructures, the Azerbaijani military has opened fire in the direction of a face mask production factory which plays an essential part in Armenia’s coronavirus response, per Armenpress.

Tavush Textile, a textile factory which is also making face masks amid the COVID-19 pandemic, is located in the eponymous Tavush province, which has come under Azerbaijani cross-border attacks since July 12.

The factory did not suffer any losses, according to its director Michael Yezekyan. “Approximately around 11:00, Azerbaijan fired four 120mm mortar shells in our direction”, he told ARMENPRESS.

As a precaution, the factory was shut down in the evening of July 13. “The employees wanted to go back to work, but our decision was that safety is top priority and we told them to go home”, he said.

Yezekyan says the factory is already reopening and everything is back to normal. The Azerbaijani military launched an offensive on an Armenian military base located in Tavush province on July 12, using artillery, mortars and UAVs. It then went on to bomb civilian homes in the town of Chinari.

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