Syrian-Armenian Journalist Kevork Almassian Subject Of Murder Attempt By Islamists In Berlin.

Syrian-Armenian Kevork Almassian, an employee of Bundestag, was attacked by two Islamists in Berlin on 6 July, barely surviving the murder attempt, German media outlet Journalisten Watch reported, per Panorama.

Kevork Almassian is an Armenian Christian who has taken refuge in Germany. Since 2018, he has worked as an aide to AfD MP Markus Frohnmaier in the Bundestag. Almassian has received death threats since 2019 when he was doxed by editor-in-chief of T-Online Lars Wienand and Syrian Islamist activist Nahla Osman.

The two Islamists struck Almassian with a knife on the street in an attempt to kill him. Almassian was able to escape. He ran along the Berlin street for about 10 minutes and called for help, but no one responded.

In a tweet on Friday the Syrian-Armenian said he is informed that the German journalists who started the media campaign against him in February 2019 and exposed his life to danger by turning the radical Islamists against him, are now preparing a new report, in a bid to deny that the attack against him happened.

The attack is being investigated by Berlin law enforcers.

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