Parliament Speaker: “There Is No Social, Economic & Political Crisis In Armenia.”

Speaker of Parliament of Armenia Ararat Mirzoyan doesn’t agree with the opposition lawmakers who state that Armenia faces a social, economic and political crisis.

“There is no social crisis in Armenia and has not been in 2019 as well. Of course, this year some difficulties emerged due to the coronavirus pandemic, but they were overcome by the targeted programs adopted and developed by the government. There can be difficulties within the course of time, but the government will give an adequate response and will take steps”, the Speaker said at the debate of the 2019 state budget performance annual report in the Parliament.

The Speaker stated that there is also no economic crisis in Armenia. “The year of 2019 specifically has taken an unprecedented development path with the efforts of the government, the parliament, and we were going to see the results if this coronavirus crisis didn’t exist”, the Speaker said.

Commenting on the statements of some opposition forces that there is a political crisis in Armenia, the Speaker said there is no such thing. “There is no political crisis in Armenia, no matter how hard the persons who previously served as President of Armenia are trying to create such an imitation, or persons connected with them, those who received an opportunity for self-demonstration in our government. Armenia’s political field reminds me of a construction site where new political forces should be formed who should present their vision to the citizen of Armenia on the new political field. There will be only honest political forces in this “construction site”. We will meet at the end of this road if you come”, he said.

The Armenian Parliament is debating the issue on approving the 2019 state budget performance annual report. Cabinet members led by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan are also attending the Parliament session.

H/T ArmenPress

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