Armenian Cultural Foundation Provides $165,000 In Aid To Armenians In Lebanon.

The Armenian Cultural Foundation announced this week that through a community-based effort, it has been able to secure and provide $165,000 to needy Armenians in Lebanon, who have not only been grappling with the global COVID-19 pandemic, but have also suffered due to the economic crisis in Lebanon.

Since last fall, Lebanon has been experiencing one of its worst economic downturns in its history, which has seen the value of the Lebanese pound drop to all-time lows. Amid this crisis came the global COVID-19 pandemic which not only has threatened the public health of the Lebanese population but also has taken an even worse economic toll on the population.

The large Armenian community in Lebanon was not spared and many in the community are currently struggling to meet the basic needs for their every-day life.

Heeding the calls of the various Armenian organizations and institutions in Lebanon, the ACF cast a net to its long-time supporters and community members and was able to, in a short period of time, secure much-needed funds, which will be distributed exclusively to needy Armenian families in hopes of alleviating the stresses caused by the dual crisis.

The ACF is proud to report that even the strains caused by the COVID-19 global pandemic did not deter its generous supporters and contributors to respond in this time of crisis for our brothers and sisters in Lebanon.

In adhering to its mission to support Armenians and the Armenian community—anywhere in the world—the ACF has already dispatched the funds, which will be distributing the amounts to needy families. The ACF expressed hope that this humble gesture from the Western United States can ease the hardship our community members are experiencing in Lebanon.

H/T Asbarez

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